The Ceremony Begins at the Casumo Casino

This was the first time to my knowledge of a wedding being performed at a casino, but there is always a first time for everything. The Casumo Casino was surprisingly a tremendous host for the wedding as the décor was phenomenal and the service was amazing. John and Juliet decided to have the wedding filmed by a videographer from the town of Aberdeen where they both grew up. Talk around the town spread of the two of them becoming married and everyone in town was happy for them. Casumo Casino

Unsurprisingly, John and Juliet would both partake in some gambling at the Casumo Casino before they were scheduled to tie the knot. It was their favorite casino so they always enjoyed being together doing what they enjoyed. They spent hours together playing the slots, playing poker, and playing blackjack before the wedding ceremony was set to begin. In regards to the superstition about seeing a wife on the wedding day before the wedding, John thought it was rubbish as he wanted to spend the entire day with the girl he fell in love with. That is exactly what John and Juliet did as they gambled the day away. I asked them both how they fared on their wedding day and they actually won about $6,000 combined so their wedding day must have brought them good fortune. John earned most of his winnings on the slots which was surprising since he was more skilled playing poker. Juliet is usually the one who has better luck playing the slots, but she won a good chunk of money while playing blackjack. They did not care how they did it, but they almost completely paid off their honeymoon in one night. It was an incredible night as the previous few months of gambling had not paid off for either John or Juliet. However, the good luck of their wedding day at the Casumo Casino changed everything winning an incredible $6,000 in one day.

Casumo Casino             The ceremony turned out to be beautiful and the first wedding ever at the Casumo Casino was a raging success. The filmmaker from Aberdeen did a fantastic job getting great shots of the wedding ceremony and incredible pictures of the bride and groom together. The wedding was such a success; the Casumo Casino actually began hosting future weddings. It now became a little more common for couples to tie the knot inside their favorite casino. John and Juliet would return to the Casumo Casino to gamble a few more times before departing on their honeymoon. John told me they wanted to push their luck before they left for their honeymoon to see how much money they could save up. They attempted the same strategy as the one they did the day of the wedding, but it did not work as great as it did on the wedding day. They were not in the red, but they only netted about $250 as compared to the $6,000 they won on the wedding day. I actually gambled some during the week myself since I was growing attached to the Casumo Casino. I won about $500 playing the online poker games they had available at the casino. I was surprised I won that amount of money as I rarely ever had good luck with gambling. My lack of good luck was why I hardly ever gambled as I was afraid becoming addicted to gambling would lead to me losing a lot of money. I decided to give John and Juliet the $500 I won as a wedding gift for them to do whatever they wanted with it. I told John it should be his anyway since it was obvious some of his gambling prowess rubbed off on me. They appreciated my gift and they told me it would go towards their honeymoon. They were going to be gone for one month for their honeymoon so they needed all the funds they could gather. This is probably why they decided to gamble so frequently together before they left. Gambling at the Casumo Casino together was the way they enjoyed each other’s company the most while making extra money. I may not have agreed with the frequency of their gambling, but as long as they were happy together they would be alright together. The two lovebirds from Aberdeen used gambling at the Casumo Casino as a way to tighten their bond together. I knew as soon as they returned from their honeymoon they were going to be right back at the casino trying to win back the money which would be spent on the honeymoon.

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