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    A Wedding at the Casumo Casino?

    My best friend John and his fiancé Juliet were scheduled to be married at the Casumo Casino of all places. It was hard for me to understand why John and Juliet wanted to be married inside a casino, but I did not say anything to them about it. John was my best friend and I knew he was always a gambling man. If I am not mistaken, he met Juliet while playing the slots one night at the Casumo Casino. This is probably why the wedding is taking place at the very same casino. This had to have been the place where they met and fell in love with each…

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    The Ceremony Begins at the Casumo Casino

    This was the first time to my knowledge of a wedding being performed at a casino, but there is always a first time for everything. The Casumo Casino was surprisingly a tremendous host for the wedding as the décor was phenomenal and the service was amazing. John and Juliet decided to have the wedding filmed by a videographer from the town of Aberdeen where they both grew up. Talk around the town spread of the two of them becoming married and everyone in town was happy for them.  Unsurprisingly, John and Juliet would both partake in some gambling at the Casumo Casino before they were scheduled to tie the knot.…

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